Every year Microsoft pushes the 2 major updates for Windows 10 and  19H1 is the first update for Windows 10 which will be released in 2019 by the March or April, but if you want to try Windows 10 19H1 before the release you can download the Windows 10 preview build ISO and install it.

Windows 10 19H1 Download

Windows 10 19H1 Latest ISO Download – Windows Insider

For Getting windows 10 19H1, The user must join Windows Insider Program.

What is Windows Insider Program

Windows Insider is an open software testing program by Microsoft that allows users who own a valid license of Windows 10[1][2] or Windows Server 2016[3][4] to register for pre-release builds of the operating system previously only accessible to software developers.[5]

Microsoft launched Windows Insider for developers, enterprise testers and the “technically able” to test out new developer features on pre-release software & builds, not given publicly released, to gather low level diagnostics feedback in order to identify, investigate, mitigate & improve the Windows 10 OS, with the help, support and guidance of the Insider Program Participants, in direct communication with Microsoft Engineers via a proprietary communication & diagnostic channel.

It was announced on September 30, 2014 along with Windows 10.[6] By September 2015, over 7 million people took part in the Windows Insider Program.[7] On February 12, 2015, Microsoft started to test out previews of Windows 10 Mobile.[8] Microsoft announced that the Windows Insider program would continue beyond the official release of Windows 10 for future updates.

source: Wikipedia

How to Join Windows Insider Program

1. Register

The first step to installing Windows 10 Insider Preview build is to register as a Windows Insider. (Already registered? Proceed to Step 2.)

Use the same account that you use for other Microsoft services, such as Hotmail. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, it is easy to get one. Get a Microsoft account.


2. Install

  1. Open Windows Insider settings (on your Windows 10 PC go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program). To see this setting, you need to have administrator rights to your PC.1
  2. Click Get Started and link the account that you used to register as a Windows Insider.
  3. Follow the simple prompts to complete setup.
  4. Go to Settings > Update & Security and click “Check for updates” to complete installation.

3. Engage

Once you’ve had a chance to explore an Insider Preview build, use the Feedback Hub app to let us know what you think — and help make Windows even better for you and the world. Feedback you provide in the Feedback Hub goes directly to our engineers. The hub also features Insider news, quests, community, and other resources.

Source: Microsoft

Changes in The New Windows Feature

  • Microsoft fixed an issue resulting in bug checks with error “KERNEL SECURITY CHECK FAILURE” while creating/launching VMs or installing/performing scans with certain AV Apps.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue where the Open Folder icon in File Explorer had a white background when using dark theme.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue in the previous build where Settings was crashing when opening Speech Settings.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue where the Action Center didn’t have an opening animation in the last few flights.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue where the activities listed so you could easily pick up where you left off when opening search all had an unexpectedly old timestamp.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue where the search box in the taskbar had a truncated dark border in light theme.
  • Microsoft fixed a few scenarios that could result in the taskbar unexpectedly becoming transparent.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue that could result in taskhostw.exe unexpectedly using a large amount of CPU for a long time.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue where Settings would crash when clicking on the “View storage usage on other drives” option under System > Storage in recent builds.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue where “Delete previous version of Windows” in Configure Storage Sense was not selectable.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue resulting in Backup unexpectedly failing for some with a message saying the media is write protected (error code 0x80070013).
  • When the Search section is visible in Settings it will now come before Update & Security.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue where some pages in Settings had more space at the top than others.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue resulting in ☆ and some other characters not appearing correctly in certain text fields.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue where the Windows Ink Workspace was using the old Microsoft Store icon.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue where the emoji picker might draw partially offscreen if invoked near the bottom of the screen.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue where the second line of the input indicator in the taskbar, when shown, wasn’t legible in light theme.
  • Microsoft’ve updated our message in the Snipping Tool to include a tip about using WIN+Shift+S to help improve discoverability – thanks folks that suggested this!
  • Microsoft fixed an issue where in the Details tab of Task Manager you couldn’t sort by the “Shared GPU memory” column.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue resulting in ShellExperienceHost.exe preventing the device from going to sleep with message “A Miracast Session is currently connected.” despite said session having already been disconnected.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue from the previous flight where on some systems the High Definition Audio Controller failed to start with Code 10, resulting in no audio from the onboard speakers and microphone.



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