Mi TV 4X PRO 55″ & Mi TV 4A 43″ – Should you buy them???


For the last few days Xiaomi has been teasing all of us with its new 65 inch LED TV. Recently on 10th January Xiaomi TV. Today we are going to discuss should you buy Mi TV 4x Pro 43 inch or 55 inch, so keep reading.

Mi TV 4X PRO 55″ & Mi TV 4A 43″ – Should you buy them???

Comparison between Both Mi TV’s

hi there xiaomi was teasing us for a

couple of days that it’s gonna launch

something big on the 10th of January

with the images on Twitter and Instagram

we were sure it’s a 65 inch LED TV

unfortunately here we have me TV 55 inch

4x pro and a me TV for a pro 43 inches

my god long names and so confusing so in

this video I’m gonna tell you my views

on both of these devices whether you

should buy them so continue watching

this video this is your friend texting

let’s get started so because these TVs

have such long names and it gets

confusing I’m gonna shorten them for

this video so the 55 inch 4x pro will be

the 4x and the me TV for pro will just

be the full pro let’s compare the

differences between the two devices the

55 inch 4x doesn’t have a slim design

like the 4 pro the 4 pro was just 4.9 mm

thin where else the 4x is around 11.5 mm

thick so there is a difference between

the size and the thickness between these

two devices firstly the design profile

of the 4x is very similar to the design

of the me TV Ford 49 inch pro so the 49

inch and the 55 inch will look almost

identical if kept side-by-side even from

behind or from front and almost the

ports are going to be absolutely similar

thicker bezels have replaced the

seamless design and when I say thick I

mean the way the 43 inch and the 49 inch

have small bezels on the sides it’s

pretty negligible but it’s there but the

4 pro had almost no bezels on three

sides it was super clean and extremely

slim audio power on the 4x 55 inch is

now 20 watts compared to 16 watts on the

4 pro 55 inch this is because the base

design of the f4x is now wider so since

they have a little broader wider base

they’ve been able to set bigger speakers

into that chassis so now the sound

should be louder clearer and more richer

compared to the 4 pro the

55 inch 4x pro is gonna launch at 39

thousand 999 and the 4 pro is already

selling for 49 thousand 999 rupees

straight 10 thousand rupee difference

which i think is a huge plus

when natively launched his me TV series

in February 2018 the 55 inch me TV was

launched at 39 thousand 999 yes the slim

bezel as design was selling for 39

thousand 99 soon they realized it’s

under priced and then the start is

selling it for 45 thousand rupees and

last year October when they launched the

meaty before Pro they launched it for 49

thousand 999 so now the difference is

huge so the major differences between

the 4x and for pro is that the 4x has

thicker bezels take a body cheap a price

tag and of course little better sound


however the 4 floor looks simply

stunning totally bezel-less

and premium that extra 10 grands is

definitely worth it spending on the full

pro the 55 inch 4x pro is going to look

like a budget big TV from every angle

however I’m not challenging its

performance both devices are HD are 10

4k panels which I’m sure are going to

perform amazing so let’s talk about the

me TV for a pro 43 inches well this

should have been launched alongside the

pro series in October but smash strategy

by xiaomi they knew no one would buy the

49 inch for 30 thousand if the 43 inch

was available for 23 thousand let’s

discuss the differences between the pro

series and the regular 43 inch so the me

TV for a pro and the for a are visually

identical same ports same build quality

same dimensions yes it also has the

headphone jack internals there are some

small differences the differences are

that the new AM logic processor now has

that new imaging engine which should

support 4k videos from the default media

player now I would usually play 4k

videos on a VLC player on my regular 43

inch and they worked fine some people

said they are having trouble but frankly

I didn’t feel any of that

finally there is Bluetooth 4.2 on the me

TV pro series which i think is one of

the biggest changes to the 43 inch when

it also has a

TV OS running out of the box on the new

Pro Series the old me TV users are

desperately waiting for the Android TV

OS xiaomi has promised it is going to

come early 2019 so please let’s hope it

comes soon xiaomi if you are listening

please make sure you update your

previous me TVs with the android TV OS

as early as possible so if you have the

43 inch me TV should you upgrade to the

pro series no here’s why because they

have the same build quality same display

and same ports and no TV update is going

to come to all old me TVs that has been

confirmed by xiaomi now there is no

bluetooth on the 43 inch which can be

set by adding a Bluetooth transmitter to

the 32 inch mini foray as well as to the

43 inch media for it I have made a video

of how to connect a bluetooth

transmitter to your 43 inch and your 32

inch me TVs if you want you can check

out the video link here you can connect

bluetooth headphones you can connect

bluetooth home theater systems with your

previous generations me TVs frankly I

don’t see anyone who already has me TV

upgrading to either of these devices of

course if you’re looking to buy a budget

Smart TV right now both of these devices

are excellent options 39,000 $9.99 for a

55 inch 4k HDR 10 and Android TV

experience wow it’s a steal so here are

my thoughts this isn’t for those who

already have me TVs unless you are

considering buying a second one Shawn we

finally got the pricing perfect this

time and for those who are looking to

buy a budget Smart TV both of these are

ideal options also let me mention I was

a tad disappointed when they didn’t

announce the 65 HP TV the buzz they

created that they’re coming with

something big probably I was hoping for

something more hopefully very soon

fingers crossed I shall make videos on

these devices once I get my hands on

them I hope this video was helpful right

on in the comments and let me know your

views on the new me TVs don’t forget to

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